3rd margaret - the margarets

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the first margaret, my grandmother,
Margaret Loeppert Durham


the second Margaret, my mother,
Margaret Durham Herder

The 1st Margaret was born into a family of church musicians, ministers, college professors, and doctors. She was a giving, caring person. She became a nurse, got married, and had a daughter. She played piano for the Sunday school at her church. She played piano for the worship services at what was then called General Hospital in Indianapolis. She taught children to play piano. She taught people to love music. She gave freely of herself to all who came to her.

The 2ndMargaret grew up surrounded by music. She went to journalism school, got married, and had a daughter and a son. Throughout her life she has served by working with the choirs and the governing boards at her church, Second Presbyterian in Indianapolis. She has taught children to read, and written books for them. She teaches kids about God while she teaches them to sing and love music. In the 2000s, she and her husband, John, started the first support group for parents and friends of gays and lesbians at Second Pres. She gives freely of her talents to all who come to her.

The 3rd margaret grew up serving the church. She sang in choirs and worked with younger children. She studied religion in college, discovered she was gay, and when the Christians told her this meant she could no longer work with the children, she walked away from the church. She now creates music and art to illuminate a spirituality all people can share as equals. She gives freely to those who come in peace.

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